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Hi guys! Just an update on my guides for those who are new to my blog.


If you ever find anything to be incorrect or missing in one of my guides, please feel free to message me!


wanna make something like this ?
click the source link to take you to the website I used for it !

keep in mind, it only tells you which colours to use; it doesn’t do it for you ! this took me about an hour & a half in total. but I LOVE my new flag now !

EDIT: show me what you made using that website by tagging “realsweetash” I’d love to see what you guys made ! :3 

EDIT#2: I guess the link isn’t working so just in case, here it is:
I’m sorry to anyone who couldn’t get it to open !



very sucky qr for a dress based on the one in this post

there are so many things i should be doing instead of this oTL

(Source: fawntrash)


My bedroom on ACNL (also my first post on this blog!)

Currently a total WIP h eh ;x;

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This season’s fairy moat QR codes! (Other seasons and the bigger set of water QR codes up in the archive here…)